Sam/18/Female/Asexual/US Realms/Eastern Timezone

~I am female but would prefer not to be called a young woman or lady~

This is my personal blog. Here you will find anything of interest to me, rambling and rants, and general shenanigans. And a lot of cute animals. Many tiny animals. I play in Wyrmrest Accord US. I do not give out my battletag to people I haven't previously spoken to.

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does anyone else like have potential conversations with people in ur head. like u just think what they might say and u respond and it turns into u actually making facial expressions and gestures for a conversation that exist in ur head

I think I’ll head off to bed. I’m sleepy.

Good night everyone!


Name: Sam
Age: 18
Gender: Female


Food: BBQ Ribs!
Drink: Peach juice
Book: I’m not sure
Favorite author: ??
Song: The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
Movie: The Avengers
TV Show: Storm Hawks
Place: My room
School Subject: Eh
Sport: I don’t like sports
Male Actor: Tom Hiddleston
Female Actor: Ellen Degeneres (Shhh she’s my favourite TV show host)


Significant Other: Single
Siblings: 2 brothers
Dream Job: No clue. Something involving working with animals.
Fears: Needles, falling to my death, pitch black darkness, blood
Political Ideology: ???
Religion: Atheist
Tattoos: Nah
Piercings: Used to have earrings but didn’t like them
Languages: English


Reason Behind URL: I wanted something WoW themed and I really like Illidan
Reason Behind Icon: My main, Rallia, once she copied over to the Warlords of Draenor Beta and I fell in love with the look

Hoarded URLs: Just this one.

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I ran out of turtle puns, but I shell come up with more later!

I ran out of turtle puns, but I shell come up with more later!



Kittens post naptime

there are tears running down my cheeks i cannot handle this amount of pure unadulterated cute someone send help